Welcome to MDT's Global Data Entry Program


Hello, my name is Timothy Darwin, and I'm the Director of My-Data-Team's
Global-Data-Entry job program. I would personally like to invite you to become part of our team performing work-from-home data-entry jobs we supply.

We've guided thousands of team members to success using our new type of
data-entry job program called
Global Data Entry.

Some of our members can make $300 - $1000 or more per day using our program, training, tools, and guidance. We have been dealing with online
data entry for over ten years. Do you have a few minutes? I will explain more. 

The Legitimacy of Our Company and the Work-from-Home Jobs We Offer

First, I'd like to make something very clear. We are NOT a get-rich-quick company. Neither
are we offering a business or franchise opportunity that requires you to invest money. 
If you're visiting our website looking for this type of opportunity, I'm sorry to inform you that the job
programs we offer are not get-rich-quick schemes and there is no investment required. You will
not be wasting your time trying to make something work that has no chance of earning you an income.

We're a legitimate company, offering legitimate work-from-home data-entry and general job opportunities that have proven to be successful. We stand behind these opportunities 100% and have
a proven track record with our team members that actually earn income with our job programs.

If you were to ask us the biggest difference between our work-from-home job program and all of
the other work-from-home job programs on the Internet, the answer would be this: Our company gives you the actual training and jobs to perform; you get paid for the work you perform. 

You'll find that other programs will charge you money and only give you a list of links to job openings, leaving the rest up to you. All we have to say about those programs is, "Good Luck"!
Also notice: if anyone charges you for an actual job, it is more than likely a scam.


I completely understand how many hyped programs end up being a scam. I know that the ratio
of scams to legitimate programs is about 30:1.

Because of this I would expect you to be skeptical. I'd like the opportunity to show you who we
are, and that we follow a code of business ethics. 

If you read through our opportunity and feel this is just another get-rich-quick scheme or a scam,
I'll completely understand. But I hope you'll give us a few minutes so we can try to make you feel more confident in our company and the programs we are offering to our team members.

Providing Several Data-Entry Job Programs

We have been in business for over ten years offering work-from-home data-entry job
which includes:

  • Global Data Processing
  • Clerical & Admin Data-Entry Jobs
  • Word Processing
  • General Transcription
  • Business Coding
  • Data Mining
  • Document Data Recording
  • Input Data Capturing
  • Data Research
  • Data Marketing
  • And many more data-entry job programs.

We also provide our team members complete training and job programs in SEO
content writing as well as the data-entry programs mentioned.

Note: SEO content writing is currently the second fastest growing work-at-home job --
right behind our own Global-Data-Entry Processing job.

We provide all of our team members with over ten training and job programs, all of
which are designed to enable you to earn a good income working at home.

All the needed software, resources, and tools are provided as well, at no expense to
our members.

We are not a company that will get you to join, and then ask for additional money to
proceed with the training, jobs, etc.

We need your help with the many jobs offered and don't want to place any barriers in
your way like expensive costs for training, tools, resources and software!





Team Members' Sign In

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 Data-Entry Jobs & Training
Programs in the News

CNBC released an article rating our Clerical Data-Entry job program as a top 10 job you can do from the beach!

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PR Web released an article in regards to our Global-Data-Entry processing program and gave it high ratings.

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 Our Credentials
  • Web Assured certified
  • Web Editor's Choice award
  • Consumer-Rated 5-stars
  • Anti-Scam X certified
  • BIB top rated member
  • SSL secure members area
  • PayPal verified business
  • Web Guard certified
  • 10 year online business
  • 100% guaranteed program
"Hi Guys, I KNOW this system works. I've made money just today. I'm really glad we met. I am so excited to continue on."
Steve D. Ft. Lauderdale USA

"Thanks for your great program!!! I have earned almost $600 just this week. I sure have never got anything this good."
Debbie F. Australia

"Finally a legitimate way to earn an income from home. been waiting a long time to find something this good."
Marabella G.  Austin, TX USA




 Downsizing Companies Outsourcing Their Work to Our Team

Every day more companies are downsizing, moving overseas, and outsourcing job positions. Because of this, many brand new work-from-home opportunities are available.

Thousands of companies are restructuring to save money!

Outsourcing simple tasks such as data entry, many clerical and administrative duties, marketing, and word processing -- to name a few -- is saving companies millions of dollars each year.

There are many large companies from all over the world that turn to companies like ours to provide them with workers, to fill openings in these brand new work-from-home fields. 

We were able to take all the best parts of very popular data entry and combine them into one job function (Global-Data- Entry Processing). We simplified the job method to allow just about anyone who can type, the ability to perform this job function.

This was important because we knew the overwhelming demand for global-data processors would need to allow people with no prior experience to easily be trained to do the simple job tasks that are required.

There is too much work and not enough workers in this field. That is why we are always seeking additional team members to assist in the heavy work flow.

 How Our Program Works With Companies and Team Members

Our Global-Data-Entry Training & Jobs - We work directly with the companies, global online businesses, and our team members (you). By gathering company requirements, jobs, and needed tasks, we are able to create training programs for our team members. We provide these directly through our online program.

Companies and Global Online Businesses - We have 40,000 + companies and global online businesses that we work with to show you all required skills needed, and jobs available. We then create online training programs based on the criteria set by the companies and global online businesses.

The training is updated in real-time and changed as needed to meet the companies' and businesses' requirements. The companies will pay you for your work directly or through special pay administrative accounts that we will get you signed up for. This insures you that we will never intervene in your pay.

You keep 100% of your earnings!
Because this a legitimate job and you will be dealing with legitimate companies, you will never pay a company to do work. Instead these companies will simply pay you for your work -- as it should be. Any legitimate job should only be paying you, not the other way around.

Our Team Members (You) - All of our team members are given complete training in the required skills for all ten job programs we provide. The training will assure that you will be fulfilling the exact requirements set by the companies and global online businesses. We will provide any needed tools, resources, as well as all the needed software to complete your required job tasks at no additional costs.


Training & Job Programs We Give Our Team Members

We provide each and every one of our team members with complete training and jobs for the following work-from-home programs: 

  • Global Data-Entry Processor
  • Clerical & Admin Data Entry
  • Data-Entry Researcher
  • Transcription Data Entry
  • Audit Processing
  • Proofreading Business
  • SEO Content Article Writing
  • Revenue Sharing Articles Typing
  • Blog Article Posting
  • Response Typing

All of the above jobs are among the top income earning work-from-home opportunities you will find on the Internet today!.

We will provide you with complete job descriptions for all the mentioned job programs we offer.

With our training you will not need any prior experience in any of the job fields we offer. Even the most novice member can do these jobs.

 Global-Data-Entry Processing

Here we list job program details and will provide everything you need, from the training to the jobs.

Our featured work-from-home data-entry job is called Global Data-Entry Processing which is designed for people with No Prior Experience.

We have designed a program that allows our team members to take advantage of this fast-growing job opportunity. You may have come across just a few work-from-home websites that are offering this type of data-entry program. Most of the work-from-home data-entry websites you will see online are simply expensive ad typing scams that give companies like ours a bad name.

In five years you will see companies like ours popping up like Starbucks at every corner. We are the pioneers of this program, and now is the time to become a member of our team, before it is too late. This is not going to be a fad. This is the look of the new generation of work-at-home jobs

Our program has been designed to run on autopilot;
it is possible to make $300 - $1000 + per day working from the comfort of your own home.

As you will see from pay reports we list from our members earnings, this is actually being done on a daily basis. By seeing some of our members' earnings reports, you will see this is a 
Real Job, a Real Opportunity

Once you have signed up with our team, we'll provide you with complete guidance and tutorials on exactly how to to make this work for you, from posting submissions to receiving your pay.

You will have instant access to more than 40,000 + companies (and growing) that have looked to our team members to provide assistance in typing and posting data submissions over the Internet. We'll guide you in the process of enrolling with all of the companies; we assure you that you will be accepted by all of these companies and will never be denied or charged additional money by them.

We do not charge for a list of companies or the jobs themselves.
We believe as you do: For any work-from-home job that is legitimate, you should never have to pay money to companies or jobs that should be paying you. All of the companies and jobs we provide are 100% Free.

To give you a value of what we are giving you for free. If you were to go purchase all of the software we provide you to do the jobs it would total over $300.

Additional Training and Job Programs

In addition to our main Global-Data Entry Processing job, we will give you -- as a team member -- training and jobs for the following job programs


 Traditional Online Data-Entry Clerk Virtual Office & Admin Assistant
With our traditional Online Data-Entry Clerk job you do projects like spreadsheets, making business literature, word processing, etc. You'll also do tasks such as making fax cover sheets, company newsletters, and more. Most of the work is already designed and you simply reproduce the supplied content and send it back to the companies in the format they require.

We'll train you in every aspect of this job so you know all the formats needed and requirements of each company. If necessary, we'll teach you how to use a word processor (for which we'll offer a download at NO additional cost if you do not have one) to create these simple business literature and projects with ease. We'll show you how to receive and send the projects digitally through e-mail after you've completed them. We'll also show you how simple it is to complete each assignment.


 Web Research Assistant - Data Collection/Researcher
As a Web research assistant you'll be asked to view certain Web sites, and online programs. After you do a review you'll type your data-research reports on your overall appraisal of the companies. All of the work is done online from your home. You may have the opportunity to visit focus groups in your area as well.

These basic online jobs will take an average of about 30 minutes from start to finish. Longer assignments usually mean more earning potential. A fun job that will create a nice income.

 Transcription Data Entry - General Audio Transcriber
You'll be doing general audio transcription which is basically listening to tapes, digital recordings, CDs, video, etc. then typing what you hear into a text format. You'll get assignments to convert speeches, focus group discussions, presentations, meetings and more.

This job program is only for general basic audio transcription; you don't need any prior medical, legal or coding experience to do these jobs. We give you all the software and tools that are needed to do work-from-home


 Business Evaluator Certified Field Product Auditor
You'll be working as a field auditor surveying companies, products, and services in your area. You'll log into your account and decide which audits you would like to do, based on the pay or your interest. After you decide which audits you would like to do, you'll travel to the business to conduct your audit. 
One of the first things we'll do is get you certified as a field auditor. This is done online and of course with no additional costs. We'll then show you what's expected on the reports you will be turning in, which is all done by computer, fax or e-mail.
 Proofreader Online and Off-line 
Web proofreaders with our program don't need prior experience. However, you should have a good understanding of your language and grammar. Based on that, this job may not be for everyone. You'll explore current websites and look for any mistakes, then contact the owner with an estimate on what you'd charge to correct the mistakes. 

There are several million websites in many languages, which opens up an endless amount of work that you can do from your home. We show you how to get some of this work on the Internet.

Content Article Typing Programs (4 Programs) - Content Article Typist
Providing content articles is one of the fastest growing jobs on the Internet. It is also one of the highest paid online jobs. This is because there is a constant need for fresh content for millions of websites. You'll be creating very short articles based on the particular company's focus or niche keyword phrases. 

Many articles are as simple as taking a company's current content and changing it around. This is usually preferred by the company as well. We'll give separate training for this lucrative program.
With our program we will teach you how to create 300 to 500 word articles in as little as ten minutes. These articles can make $25 to $50 per article. If you do the math it works out to be $150 - $300 per hour.

The best part of this program is that the demand is much greater than the supply, and you are the supplier. This program was designed for the person who has never written an article in their life. With our training and guidance anyone can be making up to $300 per hour with this job.
YES, You Get ALL of These Work-From-Home Jobs and Training as a Team Member!

And we are always adding more jobs!

You can do one of the jobs we provide, or do them all -- the choice is yours.


With all of the jobs we provide, you'll be considered an independent contractor. As such, your taxes will not be deducted from your paycheck; this will be your responsibility. We will assist you in how to take all the benefits from working from home doing these jobs, and get you set up for this process.

You will never be asked to do anything illegal or against your ethics and beliefs. You never deal in sending spam or anything of that nature. Once you are signed up, you can start working immediately to begin earning an income that will keep growing, depending how much time and effort you would like to contribute. 


Earn a Real Income Performing Legitimate Job Tasks

See current members' pay earnings

See Pay Reports

  We offer our team members their own secure online account to access all of the training, tools, resources, software and jobs we provide.

We give our team members interactive real-time job programs that are easily accessed through a personal online account.

You sign in to the MDT members' area account with a login of your choice. All the interactive job programs -- which include the training, tools, resources and software -- are presented in the members' area and are updated daily.

We are not mailing some eBook that was created five years ago that is outdated and gives you no chance to earn an income. This job program is done directly on our team member servers.


  Program Availability

We make this program widely available to many people from many different countries. Here are the general standards for the type of team members we seek:

Someone who has a computer, keyboard, mouse, and Internet connection.

Someone who has ambition, can follow directions, and doesn't quit.

Someone who can type simple text with NO time limits or deadlines.

Someone who wants to earn a good income working at home.

Someone looking to quit punching a time clock, and dealing with a boss.

Someone who believes in our company and this opportunity.

Someone that can follow the step-by-step guidance given in this program.

  Countries Accepted to Our Program

Our Program is Available to The Following Countries:

(Click the drop-down arrow to see if your country is listed)

If your country is listed above, you do qualify for this program. Because all of the jobs are provided through our online servers and are global, it will not matter where you work from in the world.


 Program & System Requirements

With our main program (Global Data Entry), all that you must do is type a few short lines of data text, and post to the sources we suggest. Once that is complete, hit the enter key, and you are done. YES, it is that simple.

The more data you type, the more money you can make. With this program we will teach you everything you need to know about how to do these data-entry jobs. After you
 complete our online training, you will be
submitting data in 10 minutes or less.

We will show you many tips to assure your success. We will show you how to sign up with a pay link account. This is where your checks or wire transfers will be sent on the 1st and 15th of every month

We will give you access to over 40,000 companies dealing in categories including
Business, Health, Sports, Culture, Home & Society, Family, Software, Employment and much more.
Many of these companies have downsized so they are anxious to find help like you. We will even give you the inside scoop on 
which companies we are using, which are best to deal with, and which pay the highest.

System Requirements:

You will need one of the following:
PC, laptop, iPad, or tablet

You will need an Internet connection (64k dial up or higher); to access the training and perform the jobs online through our servers with your own personal team member account.

You will need one of the following operating systems:
Windows (95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7 or 8) Any MAC OS X 2000 or newer. OS6 or newer for iPad

All the data transfer and bandwidth use will be done on our servers, so you will not need to worry about a personal hosting account which could cost you a hundred dollars or more a month.

What NT to Expect With Our Program We Offer to Our Team:

You will be part of a down-line or up-line scam.
You will be part of any type of Pyramid scheme.
You will have to answer or read emails.
You will have to convince someone to join our site.

You will have to create or buy products.
You will have to use PPC (pay per click) ads.

You will have to do something illegal or unethical.
You will have anymore cost once a member.

You will have to own a website.
You will have to process orders or ship something.
You will have to deal with customers.

You will have to meet deadlines.

You will be left without member support.

In our program you will NOT see common suspects that qualify as scams. Just legitimate work and legitimate pay for the jobs you perform.

The biggest complaint we get from our team members is, "There are too many jobs to choose from."

Not a bad complaint to get, I may add!


Team Members' Support

We will not stop providing support until you succeed in achieving your personal goal.

We offer excellent support. We have a team of support staff to answer any questions you may have while performing your training and jobs.

We also give our team members the option for phone support if required.

If you have more questions about our program, go to our FAQ Page. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us anytime and we will be happy to assist in your inquiry.

 How to Become a Team Member and Start Working Today!

If you would like to be part of our team we would love to have you. Just follow a few steps and you can get started instantly!

In addition to all the job programs we offer, we give our members additional sign-up bonuses worth hundreds of dollars. It is our way of saying thanks for becoming a team member.

Just to recap of what we will give you once a team member:

Ten job programs that can earn you an income working from home; you can start earning an income for any of the jobs as soon as today!.

All of the needed software - tools - resources - jobs. Our software suite for posting data submissions sells for $129.94 by itself on Amazon. We will be giving you that software along with hundreds of dollars of additional software to do all the different job tasks for free. You never need to purchase anything once you are a team member in our program.

Online access through our dedicated secure servers with your own personal sign in username and password; you can access the training and jobs programs 24/7, 365 days a year. You will access our servers for the training and jobs. We include all the needed bandwidth and data transfer with no limits on the amount you use.

Our training and tutorials are in real time and are interactive for all the jobs we provide --- this means you will have access to updated training and jobs every time you sign in.

We also list thousands of additional work-from-home jobs (no training provided) to broaden your work-from-home opportunities if desired.

Get Started Today With An
Instant Team Membership Account

Instant team memberships which includes:

Global Data Entry Processing Training & Job
Traditional Online Data-Entry Clerk Training & Job
Transcription Audio Data Entry Training & Job
Data Collection/Researcher Training & Job
Certified Field Auditor Training & Job
Web Proofreader Business Training
Content Article Provider Training & Job
Blog Posting Training & Job
Article Revenue Sharing Training & Job
Response Typist Training & Job

We will also give ALL of our team members sign up BONUSES worth hundreds of dollars:

Access to Thousands of Additional Work-from-Home Jobs Through Our Program.
Hundreds of eBooks and Software Downloads.
Free Members Access to Creating Income on Facebook program.
Free Members Access to Fixed Profits Income Program.
Free Members Access to Direct-PCTV Program.

Access to ALL work-from-home job programs we list
All of the software, guidance, and tools needed to perform each job task
Online members' access account; create your own secure sign in that allows 24 hour access
Bonus skills, resource tools, and certifications in the Home Business Center
Complete unlimited online jobs, training and member support
All the FREE bonuses worth over $787



 Members' Online Hosting Access Account
We have done our best to make this program 100% free. In order to allow this program to be accessed directly online through our servers we do have one fee, but only one.

This is a one-time-only fee to set you up with your own hosting access account on our servers. This fee is to allow for all the needed bandwidth and data use. Because we get charged by our hosting company we need to pass along this one expense.

As mentioned throughout this presentation, we will be giving you all the training, tools, resources, software, and jobs for free.

We promise all potential new members is that once this one-time hosting account access fee is paid, you will never see any additional charges or hidden costs.

If you check the members' availability section below, you can see what the current one-time hosting account fee is. We do our best to discount this fee to allow you to join for the smallest possible out-of-pocket expense.

The Value of What You Get - Just to reassure you that we are not defrauding our members, let us add up what we give you for free.

First, take a look at the software we give all of our team members for free. This is given to each team member as part of our team program. We will include $300 worth of software to do all the needed job tasks throughout the job programs.

Next, price a dedicated hosting server. If you find a good deal you will spend about $100 per month. This is needed to store and transfer data, and for port bandwidth.

So, if you want to do this type of work from home and want to do it on your own, you will spend about $300 or more for software, and $100 per month for hosting. This doesn't account for trying to find companies to do work for (which we have done for you) and the needed training to do the job tasks at hand (we give you all the needed training).

Also we will be giving you about $700 worth of bonuses for just joining our team.

How We Make Our Money - Maybe you are thinking, "This sounds too good to be true, what is the catch? How do you make your money if you are giving away hundreds of dollars worth of software and bonuses?"

We make our money from the companies you will be working with. They pay us for workers with the valued skills we provide. So it is important to us to make sure you get everything you need and don't have anything (such as additional costs) stopping you from performing the jobs for these companies.

The best part of all of this is that if you are not satisfied with what we offer for any reason, we will refund 100% of the one-time hosting account access fee you paid with in 60 days. So if you don't like the jobs, the companies, or even us, simply ask for a refund within 60 days of the time of account set up and we will give all your money back.

All we ask is to at least give this a try and an honest effort. Even if you do request a refund we will let you keep all of the bonuses worth over $700 as our thanks for giving us a try.

With all of that said, please don't join our program if you don't have any intention to do the work. This is just a waste of your time and ours and you may be taking an available position from someone who is wanting to work..

Recap and Getting Started

To Become a Member Follow These Three Easy Steps:

1. Check the "Members Availability" status below to make sure we are still accepting members.

2. Click the "Join Our Team" button below and you will be locked in at this one-time members' hosting account access fee.

3. Follow the steps provided during the payment process. In the steps of the this process you will be assigned an access code to get you set up with your account sign in.

You then will have instant access to the program so you can begin Earning Money Today!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have limited online hosting memberships available. Once we have exhausted these, we will be closing the door to any new memberships until we have more space available.


Our Member's Availability s
tatus is currently:


We are accepting new workers today

The normal members hosting account access fee is $99.95.
Due to a recent high demand of workers needed we
will personally cover $50 of your access fee today.

This will make the One-Time hosting account access fee a total of: 
Only $49.95

Our membership hosting access account processing fee will go back to
$99.95 once we have met this demand and possibly even closethe program to new members.

100% Guaranteed Program

Are You Ready to Take Advantage of This Opportunity?

Member hosting account sign-ups 24/7, 365 days a year
Get instant access to members team today!

100% Secure Team Members Acceptance Enrollment Form

I want to be one of the exclusive team members who gets instant access to this online work-at-home job program, including all the training, job resources, tools, and software that is needed to do the jobs and earn money.

I'm ready to put in the effort needed to follow the training in this program and can make REAL, CONSISTENT money with the legitimate jobs that I will perform from the comfort of my own home.

I am aware that My-Data-Team is taking all the risk out of this small one-time hosting account access fee. I am completely covered by My-Data-Team's 60-day members' hosting account access fee money-back guarantee. I will be refunded 100% of my account access fee if I am not totally happy with this program for any reason. All that is required of me is to email a copy of my pay receipt and I will be refunded all of my money I paid at the time of sign up.

I also understand that the one-time only hosting account access fee of $49.95 is the only money I will EVER have to pay for everything that is offered with this program. There is no limit to the earnings I can make, and any earnings are completely my own. I don't ever have to pay My-Data-Team any part of my earnings I make from doing the jobs they provide.

I understand that I am not paying for any kind of business or franchise opportunity.
I understand that I am not being charged nor will I ever be charged for any work-at-home jobs.
I understand that I am an independent contractor for the companies and jobs I will be working with.
I understand that my success and earnings are completely up to me and my work ethic.
I have read the
terms of use
of this program and by purchasing it, I am agreeing to the terms.

I am ready to change my financial destiny - FOREVER - by clicking the 100% secure "JOIN OUR TEAM" link below:

Membership Account Access Availability Update:

100% Secure Order Through Encrypted SSL

When you click the "Join Our Team" button above, you'll be taken to PayPal. You DON'T need to have a PayPal account to complete your membership payment. You'll be given an option to pay with either PayPal account funds OR Credit/Debit Card. Simply follow the directions during checkout to select which option works best for you.

Make sure you choose the "Complete Order" or "Return to Merchant" option so you'll be brought back to our site to get your login administration information to proceed to the start of the program.

If for some reason you aren't directed to get your sign in set-up information, simply email us and we will get you going right away.

Can't afford the one-time access fee of $49.95? - Don't miss out on this program

Available through PayPal and is available to U.S. residents only and subject to credit approval

If you need assistance in joining, are having a problem receiving your sign-in access details after payment, or would like to pay your members' hosting access fee by mailed money order, wire transfer, Moneybookers, or Payza, contact us at: Support@MyDataTeamJobs.com or MyDataTeam@Yahoo.com for details.

Remember, we are taking all the risk out of this for you - if you're not 100% thrilled with our training and jobs program,  we'll personally see to it that your money is returned to you - all of it. There is really nothing to lose here.


    About us

    "It's our personal mission to help everyone succeed. We want our members to have the best experience possible. If you are not happy for any reason whatsoever, please let us know. We are always encouraged by constructive criticism; this is what keeps our company strong."

    Read more about our company HERE

    Contact us

    My Data Team
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    (866) 794-3863

    Email: Support@MyDataTeamJobs.com

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